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Bastille, Poquitos Duo to Open Von Trapp's Next Month

Deming Maclise and James Weimann, the guys behind Bastille, Poquitos, and the coming-soon Stoneburner, are just days away from opening their newest spot, a Capitol Hill bier hall named Von Trapp's. They're aiming for February 8.

First off, when you go, ask the bartender about Hans and Franz. The pumped-up duo named for the SNL skit will be showboating somewhere in the 420-seat Bavarian-inspired hall at 912 12th Ave. Are they accordion savants? The owners' weird cousins? You'll have to ask.

And there's more news today. An inside source-type says that cheddarwurst, Polish kielbasa, bratwurst, and wollwurst sausages will be handmade daily in the kitchen. The rest of the menu is hefty Bavariana: German chicken weiner schnitzel, scheinebraten pork roast, sea salt pretzels fired in a stone oven, crispy German flatbreads and salads for Heidi Klum but-enough-about-you-let's-talk-about-me clones.

Von Trapp's three bars will have Erik Carlson (Bastille, Macleod's) cocktails and beer + booze mixups, so look for Billy Dawson's Revenge (bourbon, cognac, Jamaican run, lemon, allspice dram and dunkel weiss beer) and Roll Pin Shandy (Scotch, pear brandy, lemon, orgeat, double IPA ale, Boker's bitters), and a horde more.

The bier/beer list is long and the two dozen on tap include Maisel's Weisse Dunkel, La Trappe Dubbel and Auer Schneebock alongside local brews Elysian Dragonstooth Stout and of course Manny's Pale.

Maclise and Weimann are decking the place out with what's become their aesthetic calling card: antique bier hall-style carved wood immensities, cool old chandeliers and an old wood and bottle glass host desk, variously gleaned from Germany, Austria and Italy, according to the two. And just like Bastille, a Paris Metro clock will hang in the center hall.

Does Paris have anything left hanging in their metro stations?

UPDATE: This just in. VT's will not be opening February 8 as first reported. A more solidified date should be announced Wednesday. Stay tuned.

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Bastille Cafe and Bar

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Von Trapp's

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