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Whale Week: Stories of Splurge, Excess & Bloated Wallets

All this week, Eater is documenting the people and places that epitomize the deep pocket. It's a little something we like to call Whale Week. Now through Friday, we'll be highlighting high-rollers (or "whales" as some industry people like to call them), and the places and people who cater to them.

Why Whale Week? Why now? The short answer is that it's a fitting time of year—a rather punishing stretch of winter, when both whales and regular mammals look for a little extra sizzle in their lives to make up for the post-holiday blues (and a Seahawks Super Bowl void). Even if it is just a voyeuristic guilty pleasure, like whale watching.

All throughout Whale Week, there will be guides to the finest food and drink in Seattle, testimonials from industry front-lines, and more champagne and steak than you ever thought possible. If you have a tale of dining excess that you'd like to share with readers, send them to the tipline. Or just settle in with some snacks and have some fun.