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Assaggio Owner Asking $12K for New Cookbook

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Mauro Golmarvi, the uber-affable owner of the decades-old Belltown Italian restaurant, Assaggio, has joined Kickstarter to raise money for a second modified publishing of his cookbook. He says:

I want to update the book and get it out to more people. I will be adding new recipes, taking away a few of the old ones (so people with the first edition will be the lucky ones to have only those), changing information and pictures. Should be fun!

Golmarvi hopes to raise $12,500 by February 1. Even if you just pledge a buck, you'll be thanked virtually so everyone knows how deep your pockets are. Ballers get anything from a dinner for four at Assaggio with Golmarvi as your server, to a home-cooked meal whipped up by Golmarvi himself (BYOB).

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[Photo: Mauro Golmarvi]

Assaggio Ristorante

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