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Oddfellows' Lunch Table Service; How to Scale a Recipe

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Photo: S. Pratt

WALLINGFORD— There's a big hullabaloo going on over in Wallingford over a new restaurant logo, Chabela's Bar & Grill, that locals seem to think looks a little too much like Cabela's. Check out the comments section. [Wallyhood]

KIRKLAND— The nerds at Modernist Cuisine tell us how to properly scale a recipe, using their popular mac & cheese recipe as an example. [Modernist Cuisine]

CAPITOL HILLOddfellows is now offering lunch time table service. Gone are the days of waiting in line at the counter to order your sandwich and glass of wine. During the week, breakfast can be ordered at the counter from 9 to 11. Lunch service begins at 11 am and goes until 3 pm. [EaterWire]

Oddfellows Cafe

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