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'Whale' Wins Over Raskin; The Stranger with Candy

Hot Cakes
Hot Cakes
Photo: S. Pratt

Despite the fact that "dishes appear in haphazard fashion," Seattle Weekly's Hanna Raskin can't say enough nice things about Whale Wins, Renee Erickson's third restaurant behind Boat Street and Walrus and the Carpenter. Besides the cottage-like space, and that fact that it's nothing like its neighbor Joule, what Raskin really loved was the chicken:

Blessed with a fine upbringing at Mad Hatcher Farms in Ephrata, the chicken responds extraordinarily well to a thrust of sea salt and a gust of wood smoke. The regimen produces a glossy, crisp skin that's alluringly blackish and brittle in spots, and meat so juicy it wouldn't be much of a stretch to classify it as refreshing.

Over at The Stranger, staff seemed to still be in the midst of one helluva sugar high while writing their recommendations for the best places to treat your sweet to sweets on Valentine's Day. The attention-grabber in the entire article is definitely the ice cream sundae served in a cookie dough bowl with a hot-fudge dispensing cone at Icon Grill:

It's ejaculatory. It's maybe the most pornographic dessert you've ever had. Your date won't even be able to look you in the eye because you just took a trip to the candyland of sex, and everything was sweet and well-crafted and amazing, but it came too soon.

There you have it.

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Icon Grill

1933 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101 206 441 6330

Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

5427 Ballard Avenue, Seattle, WA 98107 (206)420-3431

The Whale Wins

3506 Stone Way North, , WA 98103 (206) 632-9425 Visit Website