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D'Ambrosio Gelato to Open in Bellevue Square

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Here's a scoop! Marco D'Ambrosio will open his third gelateria in Bellevue Square within a matter of weeks, taking over a 250-square-foot space next to the Cheesecake Factory.

The first D'Ambrosio Gelateria Artigianale opened its doors on Ballard Avenue three years ago, followed shortly by a store on Capitol Hill.

The nocciolo and chocolate are D'Ambrosio's top-selling flavors, says Marco, confirming that production for the new store will take place in Ballard. He's workig his way through the permitting process and hopes to be open in Bellevue Square by mid-March.

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[Enzo and Marco D'Ambosio at the opening of the Ballard store in May, 2010. Ronald Holden photo]

D'Ambrosio Gelato

403 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, WA 98004