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Top 5 Local Sparklers via Wine World's David LeClaire

If you want to get all technical, Champagne is made only with grapes grown in the Champagne region of France. In Seattle, we have sparkling wines. What are the best locally made bottles? Here are Wine World founder David LeClaire's top 5 picks:

· Treveri Pinot Gris $12.99—Treveri specializes in producing bubbles from a wide range of grapes. The Pinot Gris has just a touch of fruitiness, similar to a Prosecco.
· TRU Blanc de Blanc $38.99—TRU made this world class bone dry champagne style wine in Walla Walla, but not sure if they are still producing.
· Argyle Brut Rose $58.99—Made from Pinot Noir, this dry rose is creamy and rich with tiny bubbles.
· St. Michelle Luxe $21.99—Classic dry brut style wine that doesn't break the budget but is far better than the CSM's house bubbles..
· Masquerade Effervescing Elephant $34.99—An unusual wine with unusual name by an unusual winemaker. This for the those who like off the beaten path.

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