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Gaba Opens; Ray's Reopens; Tully's Lives Another Day

DOWNTOWNIs this the most coveted lunch spot in Seattle? [PSBJ]

SHILSHOLEAfter a months-long remodel hiatus, Ray's Boathouse is re-opening January 28. [Facebook]

PIONEER SQUAREThere's a new sushi place in Pioneer Square that specializes in healthy, sprouted brown rice. [Seattle Met]

SEATTLE— If you hadn't heard, the guy from Meatballs 3 has officially purchased Tully's. Patrick Dempsey tweeted last night that his was the winning bid. [Seattle Times]

[Photo: @PatrickDempsey]

Ray's Boathouse

6049 Seaview Avenue Northwest, , WA 98107 (206) 789-3770 Visit Website