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Chickens: What Espresso Was in the 70s

Blue Foot chickens. They're the result of more than 20 years of careful breeding and the heart's desire of both Bernie Nash from Mad Hatcher Poultry and Riley Starks, former owner of Willows Inn and current owner of Nettles Farm. The guys are raising money to purchase a flock of the birds in British Columbia. Starks says:

I actually do think that chickens are the next big thing in this country, much like espresso was in the 70's. I teach butchering workshops at my farm and it is amazing how surrounding conversations go hush when a few of us start talking chickens at a party.

Starks says they need to raise $175K to get the flock to Whatcom County, where they have an 80-acre growing center. Along with Nash, former Herbfarm chef Keith Luce is also involved, credited as being the one who encouraged Nash to pursue his Blue Foot chicken dream in the first place.

Now, about that $175K. Starks is basically using the same 'invest with pre-paid gift certificates' model that Theirry Rautureau used to finance Luc:

I know a lot of people and restaurants, and so does Bernie, so we have high hopes. People are fed up with the lack of choice in our stores and restaurants.

Does all this chicken talk make you want to donate? Buy-ins start at $250. The more you spend, the more chickens you get, along with some other perks. If you're not a huge poultry fan, give the bird to your friends. Surely, at least one of them deserves it.

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[Photo: Riley Starks]

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