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Honoré Owner + Bocadillos; BPC + Happy Hour

Ballard Pizza Co.
Ballard Pizza Co.
Photo: S. Pratt

CAPITOL HILL— The man behind Honoré Bakery is teaming up with a friend to open up a Spanish sandwich shop on Capitol Hill in March. Besides coffee, beer, wine and sangria, Chico Madrid will specialize in bocadillos—the standard of cured meat and cheese baguettes in Spain. [Seattle Mag]

BALLARDBallard Pizza Company is starting the new year on a happy (hour) note. Beginning January 14, every day from 4 to 6, you can grab a slice for $2. Better yet, grab a slice and a beer for $5. In other news, BPC has new winter hours: daily from 4 to 11 pm, 1 am on Friday and Saturday. [EaterWire]

SEATTLEListen up, Girl Scouts! Molly Moon is giving you the chance to earn your (whatever it is you earn when you sell a lot of cookies) by buying all your Thin Mints. On January 11, Ms. Moon, a former Girl Scout herself, will hear the pitches and decide which Scouts to buy cookies from to make her popular Scout Mint ice cream. The 84,000 Thin Mint cookies she ends up buying will help send girls to summer camp. [EaterWire]

Ballard Pizza Co.

5107 Ballard Avenue NW, Seattle, WA 98107 (206) 659-6033