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Cheese Pigs; Mobile Rodeo's Seattle Street Food Festival

Restaurant Bea
Restaurant Bea
Photo: S. Pratt

BALLARD— Yay, for whey! The Walrus & the Carpenter sources pigs from a farm that fattens their swine with cheese. [EaterWire]

SEATTLEIs this the next big thing in fancy salt? A guy in the San Juan Islands sure hopes so. He dries his salt using somewhat of a greenhouse. [Seattle Met]

FREMONTThe Mobile Food Rodeo returns May 5. And where better to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than in the Center of the Universe (okay, maybe Mexico)? The food cart mashup is coming back to Fremont for only one day this year; organizers are saving their resources for a much larger event launching August 17-18 called the Seattle Street Food Festival. [EaterWire]

MADRONARestaurant Bea will start serving Sunday suppers January 20 starting at 5 pm, with happy hour from 5 to 6. The regular menu, featuring roast chicken, meatloaf, steak and other hearty dishes, will be offered until closing time, which is usually around 10 pm. [EaterWire]