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Raskin and BJC Revisit After Revamps

In this edition of review roundups, The Seattle Weekly's Hanna Raskin finds that even with the inclusion of a new chef and sparkling new oyster bar, the most attractive thing about Coastal Kitchen is still its utilitarian appeal, saying:

Although the addition of the oyster bar and installation of Poppy vet Jason Jones as executive chef indicate grander aspirations for Coastal Kitchen, the redone restaurant isn't likely to make a culinary splash on a block that this past year welcomed Ethan Stowell's Rione XIII and Heather Earnhardt's The Wandering Goose.

Over at The Stranger, Bethany Jean Clement sings the praises of another Capitol Hill spot that recently went under the knife: Pettirosso. But unlike its neighbor down on 15th, this makeover is a little more...enjoyable.

From BJC:

Pettirosso was a neighborhood gem before, and as Pike/Pine gets more theme-park-like by the moment, it's now even more so: with more room, and more choices, and a feeling of real happiness to have you, happiness to be there

And while not really a review, Nancy Leson raves about her love of local oysters and the icy toppings that go with them. Getting cozy there with the Taylor Shellfish guy, Nancy!

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