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Seattle Woman Lives on Starbucks for a Year

What the what? A Seattle woman says she's going to spend this year consuming only things from Starbucks. Beautiful Existence (yep!) promises she's not getting any money from the company; she simply likes to challenge herself to these sort of things for her blog, 1 Year of My Life. 2011 was the year she shopped from Goodwill and in 2012, she challenged herself to heed all of the advice (including ads) from Parents Magazine. As for the big question of, 'WTF?' Existence says:

Well, Mr. McDonald's already proved that question years ago with his documentary and Mr. Subway did his take on the loosing [sic] weight portion of the food challenges too. But when I watched those guys doing their thing I asked myself, 'Where are the women challenging themselves in the world?'

Existence tells KIRO Radio she's been spending about $19 a day on things like almonds, panini sandwiches, and Evolution Fresh juices.

No word if she expects to get something other than gift cards for every. single. celebration. in 2013.

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[Photo: Beautiful Existence]