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E. Smith Mercantile Will Start Offering Back Bar Coffee Service Monday (and Eventually Brunch)

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[Photo: Thrillist]

It started with the addition of a kick-ass cozy "hidden" bar in the back of their store in September. Now comes word that E. Smith Mercantile in Pioneer Square will start offering coffee in the Back Bar, followed by brunch. Says E. Merc's Jessie Poole:

We will be starting next Monday the 21st with coffee service. For now, we'll start at 10 am when the shop opens (the perfect time to get settled at your desk and then come grab a cup!) and end at 2 pm.

And it won't just be a cheap-ass cup of drip; they'll be offering Chemex pour-overs of their house blend — small batch roasted by BioWilly's Beans (all fair trade and organic).

Says Poole: "We'll also have a selection of pastries and fruit. And we'll will work into offering some brunch friendly plates as well in the next few weeks."
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E. Smith Mercantile

208 First Avenue South Seattle, WA 98104