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What Menu Item Keeps You in a Rut (in a Good Way)?

Wandering Goose, peering into Rione XIII [Photo: A. Garland]

Regardless of how many intriguing items are on a menu, certain dishes keep diners coming back for more. And more. Soon, the same thing is ordered each and every time. Like, to the point that it keeps a person from branching out. Ever. Maybe it's not even that good; maybe it's just reliable.

This week's Open Thread wants to know: Which restaurant dish keeps you from branching out — and why? What's the dish you've ordered an embarrassing number of times — the one you'll hold a four-level freakout over should it ever drop-off the menu?

Leave your answers in the comments or send a note to the tipline. The best responses will be turned into a map next week.