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Reviews for RockCreek, Bar Sue, London Plane & More!

RockCreek has been getting raves from diners since it opened three months ago. But what does the Seattle Weekly think of the place? Nicole Sprinkle says the eating here is good:

RockCreek is taking some big risks on its plates—confronting you with bold tastes like berbere spice, Medjool date vinaigrette, and aji Amarillo—and for that alone it wins points with me, though I'll admit there were times when I wished the assertiveness was ever so slightly checked.

She believes the biggest challenge the Fremont restaurant faces is "finding the right balance for the right kind of fish." She also thinks tightening up the novel-sized menu a bit could be a big resolve, since flawlessly executing such an "exhausting" menu is "taxing." With that said, Sprinkles says chef/owner Eric Donnelly is issuing a challenge to Seattle's other seafood restaurants that's "as gutsy as his food."

The Stranger does double duty this week, hitting up both Bar Sue on Capitol Hill and London Plane in Pioneer Square.

Of the former, where Lucky 8's used to live, Bethany Jean Clement says it "felt like a bro-down on a Friday night, but then a lot of the neighborhood's bars turn warrior on the weekends (including Thursday). A Sunday evening was calmer..." She even liked the food, especially:

"...a fat piece of spicy blackened catfish, the flesh still soft, on a brioche bun with dill aioli slaw ($11). A marinated black-eyed-pea salad with radishes ($8), called "ButterTEXAS CAVIAR" on the menu, tasted like a church picnic in a really good way."

By contrast, she finds Matt Dillon's London Plane to be "light, airy, and simply but beautifully designed, a place for an architect to have the ideal glass of afternoon wine," perfect to wash down the Bar Sajor-style menu of snacks, some meats, and even more vegetarian items.

The Seattle Times has the mishmashy details of Bling Pig at Eastlake Teriyaki. "They love pork belly here," says Tan Vinh. Sure 'nuff. The first hit on his "what to write home about" line-up is the pork belly and kimchi fried rice ($9.50), which "comes with charred, salty pork bits tempered with the sour and spicy kimchi. It's topped with a fried egg and some cracklings, a treat in all its greasy glory." What to skip: the Mexican-inspired (but yet stingy with the) chicken cemitas sandwich ($7.50).

More interesting, perhaps, is the casual tidbit about how the Bling Pig fellas have their sights set on turning the place into a craft cocktail bar with gourmet sandwiches. Intrigue!
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