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Ethan Stowell is Opening 'Red Cow' & 'Noyer' in Former Restaurant Bea Space

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When Restaurant Bea closed for good over the summer, restaurateur Ethan Stowell got to work on a concept that seems fitting for the original home of Madrona's long-shuttered French bistro, Crémant (which then became June which became Bea). One month after opening his newest restaurant, mkt., Stowell has announced that he's taking over the space and opening two restaurants. According to the latest update on Stowell's website, one will be called Red Cow and will be open seven nights a week:

Red Cow is going to be a brasserie primarily known for steak frites—really good steak frites. We are going to flesh out the rest of the menu with a wide variety of classic bistro fare using Pacific Northwest ingredients and pair it all with a rigorous wine offering.

But wait, there's more!

Behind Red Cow, atop a cobblestone courtyard, will be another, much more high-end restaurant called Noyer:

Noyer will be a stand alone restaurant that houses a mere four tables and four additional counter seats. The word "boutique" comes to mind. It will be small. And quaint. Noyer's menu however will be anything but. This will be an ambitious ode to the very best the Northwest can offer. An upscale celebration of premium ingredients. Perhaps inspired a bit by our first restaurant (Union) but on a consummate level that will be unique to Seattle.
This is something new for Seattle—and us. We are very excited about Noyer.

Look for Red Cow to open after the first of the year with Noyer to follow in the spring.
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Red Cow

1423 34th Avenue, , WA 98122 (206) 454-7932 Visit Website

Red Cow & Noyer

1423 34th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122