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Oliver's Twist Barman Plays Pinball to Cure His Head

Robert Rowland, the bar manager at Oliver's Twist, has a several-pronged hangover cure. First:

"Come to and pray that it's either Saturday or Sunday. If it isn't, call an order of pho from Monkey Bridge with every kind of meat they stock."

If it happens to be the weekend:

"I stumble down to Fremont and sit at the counter at Revel, where they have the decency to pour a giant glass of water and leave the pitcher in front of you with a knowing glance. Order the ramen and whatever German bottled beer they happen to have (lately it's Bitburger). Once the ramen is served, immediately order the burger to-go. Walk over to Add a Ball for many, many games of pinball... where one might think loud noises and flashing lights would be the last thing needed, but I find it strangely soothing. Trundle back up the hill devouring the burger you swore was going to be saved for dinner."
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Oliver's Twist

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