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Brady Sprouse's Cure for When You're Really Hungover

[Photo: S. Pratt]

Brady Sprouse, the "not a dick" bartender who jumps between Oliver's Twist and Smith, has a hangover cure:

Pho, a Red Snapper, and Kombucha. Well, it depends on the hangover. It could be a greasy ass breakfast. Hattie's has been my weekend hangover jam for a while. Roxy's during the week. Drink-wise, I go with the Red Snapper or a Corpse Reviver #2, but it depends on where I am.

But when he's really, really hungover:

I get up, chug an Emergencee or two — raspberry — in a pint glass. Then the greasy-ass spoon breakfast. And then a Red Snapper (basically a gin Bloody Mary) and then a beer?and maybe a shot of tequila down the road, if it's really bad. I sort of just keep throwing booze at it throughout the day. But if I have to work, the Pho and Kombucha route.

Brady's Red Snapper recipe:
2oz gin, 2-3oz tomato juice, Worcester sauce, lemon, (celery salt, pepper et al if you want) roll w/ice. Lemon wedge.
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