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Eater Elements: The Canlis Salad

Welcome to Eater Elements, a series that explores the ideas and ingredients of noteworthy dishes.


[Photo: Brian Canlis]

One of Seattle's essential restaurants, Canlis, has been impressing diners since it opened in 1950. One dish that has been on the menu since the first dinner service continues to impress: the Canlis Salad. Eater National spoke with executive chef Jason Franey who says that the salad is more than just a classic Canlis dish; it's a real testament to the Canlis family, whose love and pride in the deceptively simple salad has helped make it the restaurant's signature dish, with about 100 sold daily. Managing owner Mark Canlis explains the staying power of the salad: "New dishes come and go with the seasons but only the best stand the test of time." Franey agrees. "First of all, it's delicious," says Franey. "I think it's a perfect balance between textures, acids, salt and fat."

Eater National has the elements of the Canlis Salad, this way. >>>


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