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Holiday Meltdowns

"One of the very first meals Brandin (Myett) and I did together, we cooked duck confit for a holiday dinner party. After everyone left, I put the confit liquid outside to cool down. Our dog, Cashew (a pug/beagle mix), was lying on the ground and he's visibly sick. He had eaten probably a gallon of the duck fat, just licking it up. For the next five days, he had this sheen of duck fat, he smelled like duck fat, and he was really shiny. Last year, we were doing a pork belly for Christmas and we had a hotel pan outside to cool. Cashew was outside and ate a huge amount of the fat and part of the pork belly. He was throwing up and I was like, 'He ate the fat again!' — Juicebox owner Kari Brunson's holiday horror story.


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