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Finding the Sweet Spot: Who Serves Seattle's Best Dessert?

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It's Friday and time to hear from the crowd! The comments thread is open and waiting for your two-cents. If you'd like, email your suggestion(s) instead.


Le Pichet [Photos: S. Pratt]

For folks with a sweet tooth, a "happy ending" might have a completely different connotation than, you know, the usual. For this week's Friday Open Thread: What Seattle spot serves the best dessert? And what is it? Whether it's an elegant deconstructed banana split at a fine-dining restaurant, a macaron from your neighborhood patisserie, or just a comforting cookie at your favorite coffee shop, give it a shout in the comments (or send to the tipline). And please don't forget to mention the place and the dessert! Very important stuff!

As per usual, the best answers will be compiled into a handy map that will hopefully act as a must-visit dessert guide for Seattle.