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The Stranger on mkt.; Seattle Mag's Best New Restaurants

[Photos: mkt./K. Harland, Gastropod/S. Pratt]

Nearly two months after it opened, The Stranger has a review on Ethan Stowell's mkt.. "It's pronounced 'Market'," Bethany Jean Clement wants you to know. She also wants you to know it's not like Stowell's other restaurants, which we're all starting to lose count of.

Stowell fans will know this when they see that there is only one pasta on the menu (unheard of!). mkt. is smaller: 28 seats in a streamlined, shotgun-style space in Green Lake's Tangletown, with slate-colored walls and handsome handmade chairs.

The words "diggable," "exemplary," "phenomenal" and "heavenly" are bandied about when describing the menu. A few dings for undercooked white beans and service that was sometimes slow, but the food more than made up for it.

Seattle Magazine digs into the difficult task of picking the 11 best new restaurants of 2013. There are actually only 10 spots — Gastropod and Mamnoon tied for first place. Of the former, the mag says: "Gastropod at Epic Ales is a rarity in this day of obsessive food media: It's a great restaurant serving really good beer (both house brews and micros from other breweries) that hardly anyone knows about." Of the latter, which also won over Seattle Met, "Dinner at Mamnoon is a pleasure for the senses, with all the comforts of finer restaurants."

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