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Kathy Casey's Holiday Extravaganza, $1 Taylor Shellfish Oysters at Triumph Bar & More!

BALLARD— Kathy Casey's annual (well, except last year) Holiday Extravaganza & Open House takes place this Saturday, Dec. 14, from 11 am to 7 pm at her Food Studios on Ballard Avenue. There will be lots of food-lover gifts for sale, includIng the "Over 21" fruit cakes made with Maker's Mark. Expect lots of nibbles from her books D'Lish Deviled Eggs and Sips & Apps. [EaterWire]

QUEEN ANNETriumph Bar will be celebrating and serving Taylor Shellfish's signature oysters for $1 a piece throughout January. Featured oysters include: Kumamotos, Shigokus, Olympias, Virginicas, and Pacifics. [EaterWire]

CAPITOL HILL— Broadway's MOD Pizza will closing after service on Thursday. As CHS points out, "Mod's shuttering is the second chain to close in the Joule (apartment building) this year." Qdoba shuttered In July. [CHS]