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2,500 Bottles of Wine Recovered From Esquin Heist

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[Photo: Esquin/Facebook]

An update now on that major heist at Esquin, where more than $600,000 worth of wine was stolen on Thanksgiving. According to The Seattle Times, police may have recovered most, if not all, of the missing wine: 2,500 bottles. The found bottles were being housed in a temperature-controlled facility less than a mile away from the Sodo shop, which means it's possible the wine was not damaged. At this point, police need to go through "the difficult task" of cataloguing and processing each bottle,

Police also have a second suspect in custody. KOMO News reports that on Monday, Luke Thesing — a colleague of Samuel Harris, who is already in jail — was arrested and charged. The two men are accused not only of theft, but of attempted arson for cutting gas lines in the building. Both are being held on $500,000 bail and will be arraigned on December 19.

The smoking gun may be a journal police found in Harris's car labeled "The Plan" that outlines the crime. Reading materials, like Thinking About Crime, Is it Accidental Fire or Arson?, and How to Commit the Perfect Crime were also found at his home. Police think their may be a link between this theft and a March theft down in San Francisco.
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