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El Borracho Owner Offers $100 Bar Tab for Stolen Sign

Just as news started to spread that El Borracho has expanded their Mexican street-food concept to Frelard, comes word that someone swiped the sign that hung outside the taqueria in Pike Place Market. And owner Kittie Davidovich is pissed.

She says employees noticed the sign had gone MIA last Thursday, "The very one that they had sat through many hours of Pike Place Market Historical Commission meetings in order to obtain approval for." The double-sided blade sign hung 8-feet off the ground, so they're not quite sure how the thieves got their hands on it. "Was a ladder involved? A true-to-form 'el borracho' (The Drunk) on someone else's shoulders, perhaps?," Davidovich wonders.

Her offer: "We would like to offer the sign-stealers a $100 bar tab and a limo ride if they can successfully re-install the sign without being caught. They will need to send us a selfie with the sign at an offsite location, like people do with the garden gnomes they steal and travel with all over the world. Otherwise, if they get cold busted, they are banned for life from all El Borracho outposts.

And, as the saying goes, 'You dis El Borracho, you dis yourself.'"
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El Borracho

1521 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101