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More Details on Revel, Joule Couple's New Restaurant(s)

[Photo: Revel/Facebook]

Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi, who've already hit it out of the park with both Revel and Joule, have released some more information on the new concept they're bringing to Capitol Hill.

The couple's still untitled project will integrate four unique concepts into one huge space: Korean BBQ with table-top grills, a 20-seat noodle bar, a dessert window, and a bar that will feature new and unusual beer.

Yang tells CHS, "For us, each restaurant is the evolution of the ones you created. We knew noodles at Revel were something that we enjoyed making and having fun with. We knew that we wanted to carry out the eclectic desserts that we serve at Revel and Joule in parfaits that can be a vessel for all sorts of flavors and texture. And the bar with eclectic and rare beer will be the center of the party!"

She says the 4,000-square-foot space in the Greenus building is more than they wanted, so they decided to split it up into four smaller concepts as to "not compromise the characteristic of the restaurant that we wanted to build."

Look for the new place to open sometime next summer.
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