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Is Yelp to Blame for Cake Envy's Closure?

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Cake Envy has served its final frosted dessert. The Green Lake shop closed yesterday (Sunday).

Owner Helen Noh tells Rebekah Denn of The Seattle Times that juggling work with her new baby is just too much: "As a single mom, it's been hard to keep up with the hours, the stress, and the day to day tasks that were somewhat easier before becoming a parent." But she also talks about how online negativity has also worn her down:

...there is so much negativity out there with yelp reviews and ratings that it makes me never want to follow my passion ever again. Most of the negativity comes from ignorance. If the person writing a terrible review knew and fully understood what a business owner goes through each day, and what it took to make their dream come true, they wouldn't utter one word.

Of the more than 100 Yelp reviews, Cake Envy's are mostly positive.
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[Photo: Cake Envy/ Facebook]

Cake Envy

7900 East Greenlake Drive N., Suite #106, Seattle, WA 98103