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Pho Fridays at Vif; Tom D's Cookbook Social; Booze Tours

SEATTLE— It's no secret that the 206 is a boozehound's mecca these days, but do you know your distilleries? Two Seatowners have started Local Craft Tours to introduce the drinkers among you to the best bevs around with distillery tours to whet whistles. There are several to choose from, including some that take folks to secret bars. The 2 ½ hour tours zip local booze lovers around in a Mercedes and then send em home with gifts. Tours start at $89/person. [EaterWire]

BELLTOWN— Tom Douglas is hosting his annual Cookbook Social at the Palace Ballroom tonight, featuring the best cookbookers around. So, if you made something from one of them and it turned out disastrous (or great), head down and tell them! There are too many chefs and authors to list, but if you're prepping for the rest of holiday season, ask Kate Lebo about pie, Nick Zukin about latkes, and Gabe Rucker about how to get a table at Le
. $25/person. Still tickets left! [EaterWire]

FREMONTVif seems to be settling into its new Upper Fremont home just fine, bringing pho to the chilly people of the 'hood. They've hosted a coupla Pho Fridays, and they're making them a regular monthly thing, starting Friday, December 13. Cream puffs included and excellent, service starts at 10 a.m. Also coming to the oenophile haven: wine, of course. December 10 brings a Natural Wine Primer, where you can find out what the heck that means. $20/person. [EaterWire]