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What Are Seattle's Most Underrated Restaurants?

It's Friday and time to hear from the crowd! The comments thread is open and waiting for your two-cents. If you'd like, email your suggestion instead.

dinette.jpgIs Dinette underrated? [Photo: S. Pratt]
Great restaurants that remain in the shade because they don't spend enough time in the spotlight is a sad situation, not only for the restaurant, but for the folks who might not know they're missing out or what they're missing out on. Today's open thread is all about exposing those neighborhood gems that, for whatever reason, don't get the props they deserve. Maybe they're off the beaten path or maybe they've been around so long, diners neglect them in favor of something younger and prettier.

What are these restaurants, where are they, and why do they deserve more love?

Please share your recommendations in the comments (or hit us up on the tipline) and check back next week for a map of Seattle's most underrated restaurants.


1514 East Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98122