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Raskin Does Flip Sum; BJC Dishes Pizza and Then Some

 Von Trapp's
Von Trapp's
Photo: S. Pratt

Ever heard of Flip Sum? Seattle Weekly's Hanna Raskin explores the Filipino version of Dim Sum when she travels to Isla Manila in Northgate.

The Flip Sum concept is not only brilliant, but absurdly cheap. One-pot dishes and lots of pork always help keep food costs down, but even a home economist would be startled by the tab at Isla Manila, which operates on an all-you-can-eat basis.

Over at The Stranger, Bethany Jean Clement calls Italian Family Pizza on First Ave. "the real deal."

The crust, thin but not too-upscale-Neapolitan thin, is browned and blackened and bubbled in all the right ways. The crust has exactly the amount of salt, of chewiness, of plain old goodness, that makes every bite worth eating.

Up and over, at the new behemoth Von Trapp's, BJC says their homemade sausage lacks spice, but:

Truth be told, it hardly matters: Von Trapp's is sure to do bonkers business, and if the sausage isn't right, the vast majority of the vast crowd will never notice.

She also mentions that outdoor bocce courts (because the five inside aren't enough) will come this Spring.

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Von Trapp's

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