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Hottest Chef FINAL: Chamberlain & Stoneburner

After five preliminary rounds of voting, and a round of semifinals that produced two clear winners, the initial list of 27 hot chefs has been narrowed down to just two: Adrienne Chamberlain of Etta's and Jason Stoneburner of Bastille. They are both hotties, are both chefs, and both have three syllables in their last name. But there is one big difference separating them: one works in Ballard and the other in Pike Place Market. Okay, two big differences.

Only one of these lovely finalists will be crowned Seattle's Hottest Chef. In addition to the wealth and riches associated with this esteemed title, the winner of this competition will also go on to represent Seattle in the national Hottest Chef competition. Either of these chefs will make a damn fine candidate, but which one is finer? Polling officially closes at 5:45 pm!

Poll results