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Round 4: Smith, Mahoney, Severson, Hellner, Easton, Maisano

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Will someone please open a window, because it's hot in here!

Only two more rounds to go before we get to the semi-finals in this year's Hottest Chef competition. In this heat, Holly Smith of Cafe Juanita goes up against Cormac Mahoney of Madison Park Conservatory, Jill Severson of MistralKitchen, Eric Hellner of Metropolitan Grill, Mike Easton of Il Corvo, and Bo Maisano of Kickin' Boot Whiskey Kitchen. All six are chefs, and all are hot. Your votes will determine which two cooks will head to the semifinals in about two hours, where they will join winners from Rounds 1-3: Adrienne Chamberlain, Jason Stoneburner, Jason Stratton, Kim Mahar, Blaine Wetzel and Spencer Heller.

Poll closes at 3:30 pm!

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