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Round 1: Chamberlain, Bonow, Kothenbeutel, Crave, Stoneburner, Brandsey

Voting in Eater's Annual Hottest Chef Competition begins right now. You might want to take your sweater off, because it's going to get hawt in here. In this round: Etta's Adrienne Chamberlain, Desmond "Dezi" Bonow from Palace Kitchen, Josef "Jojo" Kothenbeutel from Atlantic Crossing Pub, Seatown's Nathan Crave, Bastille's Jason Stoneburner and El Gaucho's Matt Brandsey. Scope out the hot looks from these hot cooks in the gallery above, and place your vote below. This poll will close at 12:30 pm.

The two chefs with the most votes will roll on to the semifinals.

Poll results