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What (and Where) Are Seattle's Spiciest Dishes?

It's Friday and time to hear from the crowd! The comments thread is open and waiting for your two-cents. If you'd like, email your suggestion(s) instead.

arayas.jpg Araya's Vegetarian Place [Photo: © 2013 Google]

The heat is on! Yes, Valentine's Day and Eater's Hottest Chef 2013 contest both consumed the better part of yesterday, but proving that Seattle can take the heat is on today's Friday Open Threads agenda.

It's long been said that Seattle can't handle a great deal of spiciness, which makes finding the sweat-inducing stuff a little challenging. So, dear readers, what say you? Where can one find a really spicy dish (the non-flirty kind) in the Seattle area? And what exactly is the spicy dish you're dishing about? Extra points if you can pinpoint exactly how much liquid poured out of your face while you ate it.

Please share your recommendations in the comments (or hit us up on the tipline) and check back next week for a map of Seattle's spiciest spots.