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Three Chefs Releasing the Kraken on Congee

It's a catchy name, eh? Kraken Congee pop-up restaurant is the brian child of Shane Tyler Robinson, most recently of Stopsky's, Garrett Doherty, who currently runs the bistro kitchen at The Ruins, and Irbille Donia of the popular Irbille's Edibles Filipino pop-ups at Olivar.

The Kraken will focus on congee as the base to all of the dishes. Says Robinson:

Congee is something that's fed to sick people or children or the elderly; it's basically food therapy for ill people. And what we want to do is make food therapy for well people.

Robinson has never cooked congee professionally, bus says he's cooked it at home and has subsequently eaten a ton.

The guys are aiming to launch Kraken Congee late March, early April. They're currently scouting a few locations, but ultimately want to pick a place that best fits the concept. Once released, the Kraken will pop-up once or twice a month and possibly even more often if it's received well.

Robinson says he has a signature dish in mind, but isn't ready to make it public. He does say, however, that there will at least one dish with squid in it.

Follow Kraken Congee on Facebook, where Robinson says a menu and mission statement is coming soon.

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