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Raskin's 'Tanglewood' Tryst; Vinh's 'Vessel' Visit

Photo: S. Pratt

Hanna Raskin takes on four-month old tucked-away Magnolia gem Tanglewood Supreme, which Providence Cicero praised last month. Seattle Weekly's Raskin reports that while there is nothing flashy about the seafood-heavy concept, the quality of its food is consistently high-caliber:

While there's plenty of deliciousness available, dinner at Tanglewood is always presented as a meal, not an event, which is probably why the restaurant languished for months without much online love.

Tan Vinh at The Seattle Times hits up Vessel this week and discovers what many already knew: More than ever, Vessel is still a showcase for the talent behind the counter. It's also softened its stance on vodka.

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