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Barking Frog Has a Mobile Food Truck Now

Photo: Barking Frog/Facebook

The second wave of food trucks wheeling their way into this year's Mobile Food Rodeo has been announced. Participants include Maximus Minimus, Bigfood, Tokyo Dog, Lumpia World, Now Make Me A Sandwich and...Barking Frog?

Yep. The highfalutin restaurant at Willows Lodge in Woodinville has a food truck. Actually, it's more of a mobile kitchen. In fact, its official name is The Barking Frog Mobile Kitchen, the point being that it will hit up festivals and other big events preaching the good word about Barking Frog's newfangled availability for off-site catering. They'll be debuting the truck at the Mobile Food Rodeo.

The Frog camp says while the BFMK won't be a traditional food truck, it will serve items from the Frog's Northwest-inspired menu so potential clients can get a taste of what's to come. Plus, tempting folks outside of Woodinville to come visit your destination restaurant isn't such a bad idea.

The Mobile Food Rodeo happens May 5 with 35 trucks participating. You can find a complete list of the ones that have already been announced on the MFR website.

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