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'Rain Shadow Meats Squared' Coming to Pioneer Square

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Rain Shadow Meats Squared (new bro of Rain Shadow Meats in the Melrose Market) is set to open in early March in Pioneer Square, according to flesh maestro/owner Russell Flint. Plan for a long lunch when the boss is gone because there'll be hot plates and sandwiches with local and Euro wines and beer.

The menu will have esoteric roasted beef, lamb and pork, innumerable house sausages, and some salads, but Flint says nyet on hamburgers and there will be nothing fried. During baseball season there may be a hot dog, but that's undecided as yet.

He also says there may be the occasional dinner, and in summer the front patio opens. Although he's currently known as "the butcher to the stars," Flint was also sous chef at the estimable Boat Street Café. Yes, the man can cook.

The new Rain Shadow, housed in a historical building, will be open daily for lunch and will seat 20, with a 25-foot oak counter adding standing room. The deli case will be stocked with local, pedigreed crown roasts, pheasants, tails and trotters pork, and whatnot, backed by hanging beasts waiting to be carved into steaks and roasts. This is no land for vegetarians.

If you can't wait for a March lunch trip, Food & Wine has Flint's recipe for Spicy Spring Lamb Crepinettes.

As noted previously, the new place is part of the good changes coming to Pioneer Square. It's just down the street from the upcoming E. Smith Mercantile and a duck egg's throw from the new, groovy Bar Sajor.
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Rain Shadow Meats

1531 Melrose Avenue, , WA 98122 (206) 467-6328 Visit Website

Rain Shadow Squared

404 Occidental Ave. S., Seattle WA 98104