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'Lost Lake' 24-Hour Diner Coming Soon to Capitol Hill

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Photo: Lost Lake/Facebook

Seattle is getting another much needed 24-hour diner. The newest concept is currently under construction on Capitol Hill and is called Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge. It comes courtesy of two nightlife kings: David Meinert (The 5 Point) and Jason Lajeuness (Neumo's/Mo Bar, Big Mario's, Barboza). A quick Lajeuness-led tour of the build-out on 10th next to Elliott Bay Books reveals:

· The diner is going into the old Basic Plumbing bathhouse space.

· It will be a restaurant on one side and a bar on the other. The Menu will be available on both sides.

· Opening date is set for mid-April.

· The 3,200 square-foot diner will be a mix of booth, tables and chairs.

· The menu will be total diner food from the same guy in charge of The 5 Point menu, who will now manage both places.

· The name 'Lost Lake' was essentially chosen because it has universal appeal — metaphorically, there's at least one lost lake in every state; the lakes we've grown up around and have fond memories of.

· 'Lost Lake' has a mid-century, modern feel.

· The architect is Jeff Babienko, the person responsible for Barboza.

Team 'Lost Lake' has officially launched a Twitter feed and Facebook page, which you can head to if you'd like to keep track (and see photos) of the build-out.

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Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge

1505 10th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122