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Vessel's Chainsaw Ice Capades; Urban Nomad Advice

SEATTLEWatch Vessel's Jim Romdall chainsaw his way through a ginormous slab of ice, all in the name of proper cocktailing. [KING 5]

FREMONT— Hanna Raskin is feeling the backlash from a Shanik remark she made, which has nothing to do with her not-so-complimentary review of the place in today's Seattle Weekly. [Seattle Weekly]

BALLARD— He's hung up the keys to his food truck for good, but that didn't stop Urban Nomad mastermind Bruce Pinkerton from giving Voracious readers some pointers on how to succeed in running your own mobile food business. He also plays coy when it comes to details on a new brick-and-mortar he's apparently planning for Ballard. [Seattle Weekly]


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