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Nominate the Hottest Chef in Seattle

Brian Walczyk/Brave Horse Tavern
Brian Walczyk/Brave Horse Tavern
Photo: S. Pratt

Is it hot in here, or is it just our chefs?

That's right, Seattle! Next week, Eater will begin its annual quest to crown our city's Hottest Chef. This year's contest will offer both the underdogs and the clear front runners the chance to battle it out in nail biting heats and final elimination rounds. What's different this year is instead of running the face-offs over a period of two weeks, all voting will take place throughout one action packed day of hotness. That day just so happens to be February 14, henceforth known as Hot Chefs Day.

Please send your nomination for Seattle's Hottest Chef to the tipline — along with a photograph (or link to a photo) proving their hotness. Only chefs with nomination photos will be considered. And one more disclaimer: Only restaurant chefs currently working in the industry are allowed; the previous year's winner (shoutout to Brian Walczyk of Brave Horse Tavern) is prohibited from entering, because...we get it, you're hot!

Nominations are due one week from today, Monday, February 11, after which they will be culled and seeded. Then, on Valentine's Day proper, let the games begin.

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