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Seattle Center Kicks In $100K for New Restaurant

The Armory
The Armory
Photo: S. Pratt

Seattle Center is willing to put $100,000 towards tenant improvements for anyone who wants to move into their bistro space at the south end of The Armory.

The Center's Deborah Daoust says there's about 1,500-square feet of space in the full-service, sit-down venue, which currently houses an interactive video museum.

It's just across from Collections Cafe. The level of activity is pretty high in that area.

The space formerly housed Machiavelli and Center House Bistro. And Daoust says there is interior work needed, but a commercial hood and other staples are in tact. When asked what type of vendor the Center is looking for, she named a fun brewpub, Pan-Asian or trendy Mexican restaurant as good fits. Any interested party can inquire via email.

With the Sonics possibly back in town, it'll be interesting to see what the effect will be on the Center's new dining scene.

Speaking of Seattle Center and food, a friendly reminder that after putting it on the back-burner for more than a month, they're launching "Seattle's Best Damn Happy Hour" February 21 from 5 to 8 pm. Initially, The Armory's 14 restaurants were going to be offering food and drink discounts every third Thursday beginning January 17, but holiday activities put the kibosh on that idea. The Armory happy hour will have tons of games and prizes (and parking deals!) in addition to slashed menu prices.

Collections Cafe

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Seattle Center

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