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Pod Probs in W. Seattle, Wallingford; Is Top Chef Over?

WALLINGFORD— Looks like there won't be anymore food truck pods for West Seattle or Wallingford. The woman who manages pods in South Lake Union and downtown tells Nosh Pit News the stoppage is basically due to owner issues. Now, it's up to the food trucks to deal directly with lot owners if they want to stay. [Seattle Met]

GREENWOODThe Chocolate Shoe Box is closing May 1 to focus solely (get it?) on internet sales. That means everything must go, including their vegan shoes and chocolates. [PhinneyWood]

SEATTLE— Do you think Top Chef will run its course in Seattle? Is the show really o-v-e-r? Chime in on the debate over at Voracious. [Seattle Weekly]

Chocolate Shoe Box [Photo: PhinneyWood]