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Mobile Food Rodeo 2013: The First Wave

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Photo: Mobile Food Rodeo

Mobile Food Rodeo has announced the 'first wave' of their food truck conglomerate for this year's third annual event on May 5. Ride 'em, cowboy.

According to their blog, MFR expects 2013 to be the best year yet, with participating food trucks that include a nice mix of mobile pillars and newbies, including (mandatory drumroll noise): Marination, Roxy's Waffle Wagon, Monte Cristo, Snout & Co., Skillet and Jemil's Big Easy. For a full list of participants, check out the entire rundown (no pun intended).

This year's rodeo will return to Fremont, where last year's attendance clocked in at 17-thousand (yowza!) people. And since it's only one day this year, stay-tuned for the bigger, more expansive two-day version known as the Seattle Street Food Festival. It launches August 17 and will also camp out in Fremont.

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