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Seattle's New Beer & Music Fest; Row House Gets a Bar

Photo: Row House Cafe

MT. BAKER— Do you like and beer and music? Then you might want to check out the Penumbra Beer Bash, coming to Seattle March 16. Nearly 30 breweries are already involved, so says Washington Beer Blog. The shebang happens at King's Hall, a new event venue located off Rainier Avenue. [WBB]

SOUTH LAKE UNION— Not to be outdone by a fancy little beer and music festival, Row House Cafe has announced plans to add a bar to its cottage line-up. According to Nosh Pit, they hope to be serving booze by the end of February. [Seattle Met]

SEATTLE— "Cancel all my meetings." Speed Rack, a female bartending challenge taking place Sunday at Century Ballroom, means a cross-town, four-day happy hour extravaganza! [Seattle Times]

Row House Cafe

1170 Republican Street, Seattle, WA 98109 206-682-7632