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Which Restaurants & Bars Represent Seattle Best?

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It's Friday and time to hear from the crowd! The comments thread is open and waiting for your two-cents. If you'd like, email your suggestion(s) instead.

bourdain-canlis-layover.jpgBourdain at Canlis [Photo: Travel Channel]

Shorty's, Salty's, and Quinn's. Those are just some of the spots Anthony Bourdain hit up when he came to visit last summer to film 'The Layover' Seattle episode, which aired on Monday. Many readers echoed comments like these:

If Tony wanted to check out seafood in West Seattle he should have gone to a place with minimal pretension like Spud.
I'm shocked Tony didn't check out Beth's Cafe! 6 and 12 egg omelets, crayons and drawing paper and wait staff with mohawks and piercings who curse a lot.

So, readers. Now's your chance to chime in on the drink and eat spots you think epitomize our fine city and why (gotta make a case!). Please share your recommendations in the comments (or hit us up on the tipline) and check back next week for a map of the spots that do the finest job of representing Seattle.