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Canterbury is Closing at the End of the Year

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It's been a mainstay on 15th Ave for 37 years, but the British pubbish dive bar, The Canterbury, will not be renewing its lease at the end of this year. To be more specific, Capitol Hill Housing, which owns the building, is not resigning Canterbury.

Canterbury owner Stefanie Roberge tells The Stranger that the business has been late with its rent for the last five months and that there is a cash-flow problem.

[CHH] refused to sign off on the line of credit that we had had previously from our bank.
What I really want to do is retire at the end of the year and sell the business to somebody—I want to sell the Canterbury to somebody else who wants to open a restaurant. But they [CHH] won't let me do that.

Why? "Because they hate us," Roberge tells The Stranger.

Meanwhile, Capitol Hill Seattle talked to an employee who says, "The only leverage we have here is public pressure," encouraging everyone to attend a public meeting tonight at 6 pm at Seattle University in room 500-E on the fifth floor in Casey Commons.

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[Photo: King County via CHS]

The Canterbury Ale & Eats

534 15th ave. E Seattle, Washington 98122