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The ABCs: Agrodolce, Bellevue Beer and Chicken Gizzards

This week's review roundup is alphabetized for your viewing pleasure, beginning with the letter "A": Agrodolce. Maria Hines' third and newest restaurant in Fremont is the focus of Hanna Raskin's latest Seattle Weekly review.

Agrodolce may be a restaurant best enjoyed without much company. I loved Agrodolce when I ate there alone; liked it slightly less when I returned with a companion; and found myself repeatedly apologizing when I dragged three friends there. I suspect that's because the food isn't engineered to wow on first bite, so the pass-and-play style of eating falls flat.

"B" is for Bellevue Brewing Company, which Tan Vinh over at The Seattle Times reviews this week, saying that the brews are friendly towards the food, which isn't half bad.

Mostly sandwiches (Cuban sandwich, panini, etc.) and pizzas, the bar food here is decent but not so memorable that you would mistake this grub for a gastropub's.

And o'er yonder at The Stranger, "C" is for chicken gizzards, also known as the bird's second stomach. Where's the best place to find them? According to Charles Mudede, it's the Shell gas station, where Beacon Ave. splits with 15th Ave. South.

Two dollars already buys you too many of these deeply fried and heavily peppered gizzards. Douse these crunchy and chewy delights with red hot sauce and you will devour them with the speed of a demon.

There's another hot spot for gizzards on his list that's all about the adobo.

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