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What Are Seattle's Best Restaurants For Dining Solo?

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It's Friday and time to hear from the crowd! The comments thread is open and waiting for your two-cents. If you'd like, email your suggestion(s) instead.

solo-labete.jpgLa Bete [Photo: S. Pratt]
The question, "Table for one?" doesn't have to be a stake in the heart. Dining alone can be really enjoyable if you go to the right place where solo diners are treated damn near like royalty. For onlookers, dining alone isn't representative of a person's popularity or worth. Sometimes, people just want to be left alone with their food and bottle(s) of wine without judgement or an intruding second fork sampling off their plate. Maybe they are tired of making excuses for their embarrassment of a friend who gets loud and obnoxious when he/she consumes five too many martinis and starts getting all handsy with the waitstaff and stiffs on the tip. What's the topic again? Oh, right.

Tell us your go-to spot for dining solo and why it's your favorite. As per usual, the best answers will show up in a handy map next week. If you've got stage fright and don't want to leave a public comment, feel free to hit up the tipline or Twitter or Facebook. Lonely travelers and only children who like their space will be much appreciative.

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